Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Been a while...

It's been a while since I have made a formal blog. Most of what I post are pictures or play games over the net. I guess my schedule was so hectic that I rarely compose my thoughts. As of late though, the day has been a bit slow (I guess because my team has finished daunting tasks one after the other)

I really need a vacation!

I guess I've been doing a lot of work lately, especially when I got my new computer. I've been logging on to my virtual-machine to do work. Man am I turning into a workaholic hahahaha.... I never even got to enjoy summer, well with the exception of our team building (swimming in the rain isn't so bad). Maybe before the end of the year I could go out of town (or even the country) just for some well deserved R&R (I need someone to accompany me though) .. Then again, I would wait for the H1N1 outbreak to be cured once and for all before I travel.

Nothing to update on my personal life though. I go out with friends, have drinks or watch movies but nothing really serious. I guess at this point in my life I feel contented (for now), sometimes though I get envious seeing couples stroll (haha).

I want to greet all the dads and would-be dads a HAPPY FATHERS DAY! (I'm not one of them). I haven't got a dad for 23 years now, but I'll just greet him in the sky tomorrow!

All the things I'm writing now are basically random (haha), as opposed to saying I was composing my thoughts. I guess my life is getting pretty routinary and no big updates to life I guess.

I'll just lay back here and drink my Ice Cold Coke (ahhhh!)