Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brace Yourselves....

On a serious note... with regards to the world financial crisis, I hear lay-offs here and there and everybody is on panic mode... I guess people are now updating their resumes, linked in accounts and even mailing lists.
It's kind of sad about what is happening to today, losing colleagues you have worked with for some time. I do hope that by next year the crisis gets averted so everybody can be happy again.

I think the burden is on shoulders of everyone to improve the life we are living in. Continue to Strive hard. A good effort multiplied hundredfold will get good results in one way or another.

"Tough times will always come and go, but it's the Tough People who would always remain standing in the end."

My 2008 Christmas Wish List

Since there are 30 days left before Christmas, here a
re the things that I want (Wish list)

1. Flat Screen TV (29") with DVD Player or Home Theater (I really wish haha)

2. A New Computer
3. Range/Stove (So I can bake and cook my roast chicken again)
4. A new gaming console (X Box 360?)

Actually those are just replacement stuff.... The equipment at home is really getting old.

It's not all material stuff however. I also wish for:

1. Good Health and Long life for my Mom
2. Good Health for My Self (I'm not getting any younger)
3. Continued Stability in my Work (baring the world crisis)
4. Someone who will love me unconditionally (HAHAHAHAHA!)
5. Peace and Harmony within my Family
6. Good Friends and Good Times

Putting religion aside, Christmas isn't just a commercialized holiday. It still means giving, caring... It still means being with your family and friends... For some it means spending a little more after being frugal for the past 11 months... No matter what they say, it's still the happiest time of the year when I can act like a kid and put my worries aside till next year :)

By Next Week I would be Buying Gifts and Whatnot to the people close to me.... any wish lists? (hehehe)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Diamond of a Mother

My Mom just turned 75 years old today. Since it's 75 years, that makes her a diamond right? :) The woman referred as "Ma" by everybody in the house, which includes the grandchildren, grandnephews and grandnieces; is celebrating her birthday on the 18th of November (today). Yesterday I bought her Coffee Crunch cake from Red Ribbon. It's her favorite Cake. I'm more of a chocolate cake lover (see previous blog post).

We even got cake from the City of Makati. Well being a senior citizen and all, she always gets cake every birthday. So we have an extra cake at home as well hahahaha. These past two years we have been celebrating at "Dampa" (a place where you have your purchased items at the wet market cooked by the staff). This year, we haven't decided yet, my mom maybe a little sensitive to seafood right now so maybe we could go pasta, or grill.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Having My Cake...

Just felt like eating a slice of cake today... I've been feeling sick over the weekend and I'm here at the office, still not feeling well. Although my friend told me that bioflu works wonders. I'll just pamper my self and eat my cake (hehe)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Two Shades Darker

After spending a very hot day at Manila Memorial park with my folks yesterday (November 2). I think I have turned two shades darker hahahaha. We were expecting the weather to be cloudy, so that the temperature would be a bit cooler. But alas it was not to be, whether it was playing volleyball or badminton, the angry sun was staring down at us (Ironically, it is raining today). I think I suffered a heatstroke as well from buying food around noon (we walked toward the food stalls). I bought 6 pieces of chicken from KFC and a box of mojo's (w/o the dip, it was out of stock when we got there) from Shakey'. I think I experienced the effects of the searing heat in the afternoon when I felt a bit woozy and my face flushed. I took the water from the cooler (which was actually melted tube ice) and splashed it on my face. I also drank Pearl Coolers (?) from Greenwich (which actually gave me brain freeze). It did help though

I think we left the cemetery around 4:30 in the afternoon and Arrived home around 6. The vehicles within the area are still piling up. When I got home and changed, I noticed something when I took off my watch. I think I have gotten a tan line (hahahahahaha). So I took a picture of it. My skin wasn't even like this yesterday. It isn't even summer yet.

Note to self: Always bring sunscreen...