Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taking things for Granted...

I was just browsing around when I chanced upon a young girl's rant about hating school. It's like she was arguing with her parents since they were forcing her to go to school. She even reasoned out that she doesn't need it just because she is already working in the entertainment field (model perhaps). And she can't wait to move out so that she could do what she wants.

I guess people take things for granted such basic things such as education. Entertainers and athletes alike. So what happens if she grows old or gets disfigured, or if he has a career ending injury then what happens? I see a lot of people lose their interest in learning once they earn a little bit. And as they earn more they get more and more arrogant.

Even if you earn because of your beauty and skills it is still important to have a fallback. And like it or not an education is a key to that. Although for people in the corporate world education is must for them this just becomes an option. Even if it is just an option it is important as well. Learning the basics from a different range of fields out there. Management, Operations or whatnot it is still useful.

People would say Experience is still the best teacher. Or that you only use 10% of what you learn when you step outside. There is still no substitute in building a good foundation from a formal education.

If these people only knew how some would jump at the chance to study for a better future. Or witness the hardships that families would make to give their child proper learning for his future ahead.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Born Brave!

Enough Said! :)