Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rainy Days and Stormy Knights

It's sunday. Normally we would be eating lunch at some mall after mass then go around to shop or just look. But right now I'm just stranded in my room typing this post on my phone. With no internet or cable to amuse me, I'll just try to post my spur-of-the-moment thoughts here.

It's the rainy season again. The typhoons are coming. Which is why I am cooped up in my room instead of being out where-only-god-knows. Also the storms have left us with no cable television. And internet connections have been shaky at best. I am grateful though, that I got this new phone. It's an HTC Dual Touch Model. So I'm trying to post my blog via mobile. Although I have been encountering signal problems earlier.

Since the weather is bad, expected again are people carrying umbrellas and wearing jackets as they trudge to and fro to work or school. Also expect traffic jams and the inability to get a ride. And of course we have floods. Floods that would strand you in the middle of the side walk and you have no where to go. Even recently I saw boats (yes, boats) along the road (yeesh)

This afternoon, we tried to order to have our food delivered. Unfortunately, the restaurants we ordered from declined to deliver due to the bad weather. So I left the house, took the tricycle to KFC. Along the way though, the tricycle motor "died" because of the flood. So I got down, waited for another one to pass by. In the end, I got back home, food in tow, looking like what we term as a "basang sisiw". I was just glad to be back home.

We were fortunate though, that we have electricity. I mean, some of my friends don't have power in their homes. Some don't even have running water (which for me, is the worst thing to happen).

Storms are really a force of nature to be reckoned with. I've heard about the hurricane that swept the midwest recently. Back here, I hope that the underprivileged can cope. I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning due to the electric sparks that were visible. Scary!

On a lighter note, it's much cooler now. I don't use the aircon much anymore. So goodbye to 7k meralco bills *sigh*. I think we can save half right now hahaha.

Speaking of power bills, did you that the Philippines charges the most expensive with regards to power next to Japan. What the? Japan is one of the richest countries with powerful consumer spending. But us? *sighs again*.

I heard from the news that power will be restored once the angry winds have calmed down. I guess the rainy season is finally here.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Random Thought for Today (06/02/08)

I was listening to the song Apologize by Timbaland featuring One Republic. And then I noticed that Timbaland never even sang one line of the song. My officemate quipped that maybe the "Woah Woah" at the end of the song was sung by him (haha). Usually the one singing is the one credit but I guess this is a first...

I wonder... hmmmmm

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Is Everyone Tired of Living right Now?!?

I just read two freaky posts from my friends... one of them posted "Hanggang Dito na Lang... Paalam", the other one's entry in his journal is "I almost killed my self yesterday". Almost meant he was about to drink beer with Rat Poison.

What The?!?

Life is beautiful no matter how many trials and tribulations you encounter. You have a lot of people around who care for you, lots of opportunities to be found outside. Just have faith, and everything will be alright.

I remember a few years back (2003) when I was jobless, neck-deep in debt and a slew of personal problems coming left and right, just like my friends now, I wondered what would happen if I could just end it all, it would be easy right? But then it came to me.... Not only would you go straight to hell, it would cause devastation and sorrow to the people you are leaving behind, your family, your loved ones, your friends. What would happen to them? How would they be affected by the stupid action you would cause?

My family ultimately came to my rescue. Remember, even if your friends desert you... your family will always be there. It was through them you would learn how life is worth living. That the love and care of a person is suffice for one to go beyond their limits and conquer all adversities.

So Don't be stupid to take your own life if you feel you can't go on. Remember, there are people around who love and care for you. These are just trials going on in your life.

And you can't know how sweet being successful without knowing how bitter the taste of failure can be.