Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Showers and May Flowers...

Here I am in front of my computer (as usual) as I try to unwind myself during a lazy Sunday afternoon... It's a bit windy outside so I guess it compensates for the extreme heat that I have been experiencing for the past week. I also have all the lights off so I guess it saves power and gives the impression of being cooler (according to studies, house lights don't generate that much heat)

According to the AccuWeather application, the temperature is 32°C but it feels like it's 42°C. Hope it rains though, so that the weather would be a bit cooler (the weather forecast says it will rain tonight though).

There is a saying, April Showers will bring forth May Flowers. It rained only once though (via Cloud Seeding I think) and I hope it would rain so that the flora around us would grow again, not just the flowers, but even the crops... and say goodbye to the El Niño Phenomenon.

But I think summer is still far from over, Maybe another trip to the beach is in order before the month of June Sets in...

Happy Summer!