Sunday, March 30, 2008

Summer Heat! (03/30/2008)

Three Words: "IT'S SO HOT!"

The past few weeks are what I dub as "Hell On Earth". Summer has finally come, and it isn't as pleasant as it seems. Temperatures rising, desperate times call for desperate measures as I open my aircon again and for longer than usual. I go to work and as I walk along the sidewalk it feels that I'm melting (melting, melting).

Well at least I have airconditioning. My aircon broke down last year at the peak of summer so I spent my time sneaking into my mom's room just to get some cold air hehehehe.

Well since it's summer, it means that people are flocking to beaches. I don't get it though. Why do people go to hot places such as beaches during the summer when it is really HOT!. Oh well, go with the flow hehehehe.

Although I have plans to go to the beach as well. This april, me and my friends plan to go to Puerto Galera, the Philippines' overcrowded beach with the night life on the side ehehehehe. There we would spend our weekend drinking ourselves to oblivion then dunking our heads in the cold water to sober up again (HAHAHAHA!). We would also bikini watch, and compare notes hehe; then ride the banana boat and get thrown out of it. Of course we would stay out late to enjoy the nightlife there. Afterwards I will take a day of sick work because I was too tired partying (just kidding).

On May I would go with my folks (my sister is coming home) to Bohol. It would be my first time there. I would finally see chocolate hills (yehey!) although I don't think it chocolatey any more haha. Then see the choir singing along Loboc River. See the sights again. At least I would have the time to travel. All I do is work nowadays (Although I wanna go to Boracay or Palawan again before the year ends).

Despite the heat, I'm gonna make my summer worthwhile. Just as long as I wouldn't be burnt into a crisp afterwards *bleh*

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thought for Today! (03/08/2008)

It's been a while since I posted anything here. Been busy with work and other whatnot hehehe. If I have the time, I might be able to post something noteworthy... but not right now. I just feel like rambling on and on and on without any sense whatsoever.

Oh well, It's March, and it's still cold... talk about the summer coming. Although my sister and her brother in law would come here this May and we would accompany them to Bohol for a three day/two night vacation. I might join my friends this coming April (or May) to Puerto Galera. I think the last time I was with these guys there was way back 2006, where we drank the so-called "Mindoro Sling" and feasted on fish balls for pulutan. And who could ever forget the people who say things when they are drunk... Those were the days hahahahahaha.

It's holy week next week and It's time to reflect back on what we did. I remember the time when me and my folks go to baclaran church every holy thursday and eat at jollibee or dunkin donuts afterwards hehehehehe. I used to think that going to baclaran is far when I was a kid. When I realized that I used to commute from makati to alabang to work before made me think differently (also during the time when I go to Manila Memorial during All Saints Day... I compained that it was far... then I realized that I was working somewhere farther hehehehe). Well holy week doubles as vacation time for me since we will have a longer weekend. Although I would stay home since everybody out there is going somewhere and it would be quiet for a change hahahahahaha. Although holy week isn't so holy anymore with the advent of cable television (oh well)

How time flies fast. I just reminisced on my stay at Summerset Olympia during the new year and now its almost april... Soon, it will be christmas again (haha)

Till next time! :)