Thursday, June 30, 2005

Whatta day!

I guess my debugging skills didn't fail me once again. We had a problem with one of our JSP's since last friday, and I was almost out of my wits that time. But I guess sometimes your brain acts in the most unexpected of places. I was eating in the pantry when a solution came to me. And with the solution comes the verification. I think I tested the whole afternoon. Even our american counterpart was still awake... I think around 5AM their time. But hey, we finally made it work... Whew!

I was also slated to watch a movie today. But again, the rains ruined my day. I was stranded in makati the whole time, so I decided to go to glorietta to shoot some hoops. Yup I shot hoops at Time Zone the whole evening. And I am way exhausted even to stand.

So I sit here, surfing the net and other stuff, cooling down for the night. My day was bittersweet. But hey, it happens. At least my day wasn't completely down.

Maybe tomorrow, things would look better, especially that it's payday. Whoopeee!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm a Hopeless Romantic...

I've been channel surfing a while ago until I saw a movie that I have not seen in a long time. The Parent Trap, a disney remake which starred then-eleven year old Lindsay Lohan. It's kind of sweet, two children trying their hardest to put their parents back together again. It was a happy ending, which is why I watched it several times (I lost count) when I was in Japan.

Another of my favorite movies is the Cutting Edge, which starred D.B. Sweeney as Doug Dorsey, person who lost his career due to a blind side problem; and Moira Kelly as a figure skater who never had it going. It was a love hate relationship between the two with the undercurrents of attraction between them. In the end, they got together, bringing with them the olympic gold medal. It is a very funny story, some flirting and lighthearted moments. It's a feel good movie you would enjoy again and again.

I think I'm showing my soft side again (haha!). Who would expect, me watching those kind of movies...

I'm a hopeless romantic... so sue me

The Man of La Mancha

You know what, I should be talking of the stuff below:

    for ( int i = 0; i < max_memsize; i++ )
        mem_block[i].value &= 0x00;

But I guess the softer, creative, sentimental side of my brain is dominating my cold, calulating one. I seem to be a lot more philosophical, or even contemplentative during the middle of the night. Must be the weather though (heh heh) I was thinking of what happens to the world today. It seems that most people are on the pessimistic side, thinking the glass half empty rather than half full. And I see a lot of cynics nowadays. Looks like everybody wants to be the devil's advocate. It's hard not to disagree because I am turning into a cynic myself. A very bad one. I often think in my solitude that bad things are happening as well as about to happen not just in my life but also with the world around me.

As I was browsing the net, I came across Don Quixote, the man from La Mancha. In the story many think of him as a man with delusions of grandeur (hence the term "Quixotic") that he is out to save the world and rid it of its evil. He is so obsessed with tales of knights and chivalry that he decided to be a knight-errant himself. With his driving force, Dulcinea del Toboso and his horse Rocinante, he Journeys far and wide, with his squire, Sancho Panza.

Don Quixote is visibly crazy to most people. He believes ordinary inns to be enchanted castles, and their peasant girls to be beautiful princesses. He mistakes windmills for oppressive giants sent by evil enchanters. He was chasing a dream, some would say, and Sancho would accompany him only because there may come a time that they would become lucky and get rich. Through the course of the story their characters develop. It was a tragic ending, with Don Quixote on his deathbed deciding what he did was madness, and Sanzo Pancha still urging him to go on. He never did find his dream, but sometimes the journey becomes more important than the destination sometimes.

Sometimes, reading gets you into perspective. Sometimes when you think you want to give up, you get reminded otherwise. Sometimes it is important to re-evaluate your self as you grow, so that you get things in order, to do what you want and get what you want. I used to see the world as black and white. But as I grew I see shades of gray. Maybe its time to chase that star, no matter how impossible, hopless and far. And just maybe I would do all that as go meet my Dulcinea.

It's a dream... it's a start... soon, it could be reality...

(Hmmmm another story of knights... maybe I am obsessed too of being a knight myself heh heh)

Monday, June 27, 2005

50 Things You Should Know About ME! (Part I)

1. I'm Catholic. It would be really hard, almost impossible to convert me to another.

2. I'm an internet addict (I think most people are). I would even be connected to the net even if I am asleep.

3. I am a technical person through and through. Even I get a job that requires me to handle people 40 hours a week, that would not stop me from digging into the technical aspect of a certain project.

4. I spent around 70% of my leisure time ALONE. Maybe its because I am a loner at heart, or maybe no one wants to go out with me (huhuhuhuhuhu...)

5. I am a Rockman X/Megaman X fan. I even completed all the video games of that series. I even research it on the net.

6. I sleep 5 to 6 hours of sleep daily during weekdays. But I could sleep the whole afternoon during weekends.

7. I love spaghetti. If I was invited to a feast and spaghetti is on the table, that would be the first one that I would put on my plate.

8. I only eat fat if the dish is Lechon or Porkchop. If you give me a piece of pork barbecue I would eat it except for the fat portion.

9. I was a member of the choir during high school and I love to sing. Sure I could carry a tune but let us just leave it as that.

10. I can speak, read and write Japanese/Nihongo. I have a level 3 profiecieny which I use when watching Japanese animation (he he he).

11. I am a Mapuan, not a Malayan (CoE October 1996)

12. In all the years of my life, I have still sported the same hairstyle (I'm boring)

13. I lost my virginity at 19. It really isn't a big deal but I just wanted to state a fact :P

14. I can fix my own neckties (novelty skill)

15. I am ambidextrous in most ways although most of the time I use my left hand. I use my right hand when using scissors, can openers and spoons.

16. I'm a sci-fi nut: Star Wars, Star Trek (Voyager is my favorite), as well as anything space related.

17. Superman will always be first and foremost, my ideal superhero.

18. I'm a hopeless romantic (sigh!)

19. Sharon Cuneta was my first childhood crush (bwahahahahaha).

20. I love Japanese food. So anybody for Sushi, Sashimi, Soba?

21. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was young.

22. I hate pretenders, posers and people who are sickly sugary sweet but in reality they have a very unpleasant personality.

23. I love basketball whether it be playing or simply watching. My favorite players include Shaquille O'neal (foreign) and Danny Ildefonso (local)

24. I also love medieval stuff from games to reading materials. Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, La Morte d' Arthur (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table).

25. My handle is Sir Galahad®. It's either that or any other handle that are related to knights and chivalry. Maybe the reason for that is Sir Galahad was the Perfect Knight and Gentleman (he also found the grail afaik). Or maybe I want to be that perfect knight for my princess (even though princes are for princesses).

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good guys can finish first...

I remember the saying, "Good guys finish last". When you look around, you see that most people reach the top by being crafty, or cunning. A person who is said to be a goody-two-shoes can't make anything happen. Heck, most of the girls I know want to be with "bad" boys, whether it be looks or attitude. Maybe because a good guy is said to be boring, and non-mysterious. Take the case of Superman and Batman. Superman is type of person who dons primary colors, rescues cats stuck in trees, saving the lives of even the villains as well. Batman, on the other hand, has a very dark persona. An avenging angel, and lots of attitude. In terms of popularity, of course batman is hands down, the more popular of the two.

But given the aftermath of the recent NBA Finals, I saw a good guy win over the bad boys. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs, a man known to be quiet even the most intense of times, NBA's all around good guy, and thus the reason he called boring by many. But with his hard work and perseverance, he led his team against the NBA's resident bad boys, the Detroit Pistons. He even won the Finals MVP. A double victory for the good guy...

Maybe, just maybe, I can win after all...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Rainy, Rainy Friday...

Just got home... Soaked to the bone... It's a friday, and it's raining. Which means I have nowhere to go but stay home.


I love rain... I really do. I love to watch the raindrops as they fall down, making a splash shaped like a miniature crown. I love the smell of leaves when it rains. And its the best time to cuddle when it's fairly cold outside.

But not like this. I also got stranded on the way home because of the traffic. Somehow, everything seems to slow down when it rains, except time that is. The next thing you know its almost an hour, and you are still outside, battling with out with the rest of the population, cold, hungry and trying to get home as well.

Well I'm home and dry... and watching the rain.... rain is really good... maybe I can use that as an excuse to cuddle somebody :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Clothes Make the Man... or maybe not

I wore something different at work today. Something that I was not really used to in a very long time. A three piece suit. There were visitors in the office that day, our U.S. counterparts. So I guess looking formal that time is a must. But something happened... somehow I had more enthusiasm working today. I guess sometimes looking good can have very profound effects.

I remember the TV series, "The greatest American hero". Here we have an ordinary guy finding a supersuit by accident, and found out that he could do great and heroic things. Maybe in my case it was the same, albeit psychologically.

Then my thoughts moved to policemen, nurses and other uniformed personnel. Maybe it helps them perform better when they are in uniform... hmmmm.

Maybe it was the clothes, or maybe it was just me having a good day at work... In either case, maybe I should look formal a lot more...

... Or maybe not (heh heh heh)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Life at 29 years...

"I feel like starting over again..."

Yes, I am 29 years old, but with what happened in the few years of my life, I feel as I have been given a second wind. And I promise to not squander this chance anymore.

I was said to be a "menopause baby". I was born when my mom was 42 years old. They said that babies born during this period may end up abnormal or may end up a child prodigy. I was neither... I was simply an average guy with a sponge for a brain (that is what they say). And I even learned how to talk before I could walk.

I grew up like any ordinary kid. Went to Grade School, had been competitive. Went to High School, had been competitive (again). But it was in college that I have broadened my horizons from the four corners of the room. I was not as competitive as before but I was happier.

Then came my first job. I was employed in a Japanese company and was enjoying the rewards of my work. Yet as I wanted to move up and search for greener pastures, I have been jumping to and fro looking for a job where I could settle down. It was kind of rare for me, after spending 6 years with my first job.

I was at the top of the world that time, succesful and stable. Then I met someone. Someone who turned my world around in more ways than one. My folks never wanted her in the first place. But being in love (or so I thought), I continued to rebel against them. Then I found out I was falling. She left me for another and I found myself on the ebb of despair, my life torn to shreds. That was 2003, 2 years ago. Athough I have forgiven her for her betrayal, I would never forget what happened, nor allow it to happen again.

2004 was a banner year for me. I have crawled out from that shadow she cast out and I was totally free. It was a good feeling. I started rebuilding my life again brick by brick and the future looks bright as well.

The best year I had was 2001. I only hope that sometime in the future, I would reach that level again.

"I really am starting over again... Wish me luck!"

The Continuing Voyage

Its been a while since I have posted anything on the blog. Maybe because of the transition I'm going through (New Job, etc), I haven't had the time to place an entry here... So where do I start.

Well work has been great. None of that overworked and underpaid crap that had gone on when I was still working at that previous company. Maybe in a few months I would finally be settled here.

I haven't seen her for a while, maybe weeks, and when the time came that we would meet and do something, fate had other plans... Oh well, all I wanted to do was to see her and spend some time with her... I'm pathetic ain't I hahahahahaha.

As for home, my mom is sick. Although we still don't know depending upon the check-ups, I just hope she gets better soon. Please pray for her.

It's time for this solitary knight to go off his voyage... You will see more of my exploits in this journey book.

Bye for now...