Friday, August 12, 2005

Bowling... Bowling... Bowling....

Had a chance to play bowling again... after a miserable average of just a shade below 100 (97 I think), I played two games where I had 155 and 129 pinfalls. I surprised even myself that time.

Me and my friends have been bowling since October of 2004, and even though I skipped attending sometime, Thursday evenings are always reserved as a bowling night. We usually play at Starmall, Shaw Boulevard. And I guess the people there know who we are because week after week we play up to 11pm (and even past 12 when everyone is in the mood... and have lots of cash in their pockets).

Bowling is really an addicting sport. You tend to challenge not only your opponents but yourself as well. You try to better your score with every game. We used to play for fun but we added some incentives such as the "loser pays for food" or pot money for every game. It is a bit competitive, but hey all our averages have gone up.

Me and My friends, invite you to bowl with us every thursday at StarMall, Shaw Boulevard. It is at the 4th floor. You can just ask where we are by asking the people who work there: "Asan mga taga- GimikNatin". Hope you could join us soon :D

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GimikNatin, Inc.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

'Twas a Good Week (with some Detestable Moments)

This past week has been really good, although there were some bumps along the way and some annoyances but I guess other than that, I was pretty much in a good mood.

Although there was not much work to be done this week, which comprised mostly of documentation and some testing, most of my office time was immersed into C# and Linux training; although the lessons were concise and comprehensive, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. I think I fell asleep a few times (heh heh). And I think this was one of the few times that I have not been given any scrubdown by my superiors. I did a lot of contributions, however little in some of the projects that I was assigned in. And I really felt that my expertise and experience was needed for that kind of job. And I felt really glad about it. Looking forward for the next working day is a feeling that I haven't had in a very long time.

Friends & Social Life
Had spent lunch and dinner with someone I haven't seen in a long time (well, except on television I guess). We got joined by another friend, and the result was a riot. We were spending so much fun that my 1 hour lunch break became 2 and a-half hours. And even after work we were still at it, whether it be an internet cafe or in some eatery. I have also spent time with some of my friends who work in makati at a coffee shop near our offices. We just spend an hour or two sharing stories and drinking hot coffee. Except last friday as I was going to that same coffee shop, I person I truly detest dropped by to show up. I decided not to go instead. But all week, that was the only thing really that really ruffled my feathers. Next week though there maybe more plans to party!

Home and Family
Well nothing much new with home. My mom, well... is my mom. My niece though is still as annoying as ever. Always asking me to buy her a new phone. Sometimes I do want to. But there are times when she acts really like a spoiled brat which makes me think otherwise. Oh well, I would observe her again in a few months or so if she deserves it. I have nothing to do much at home except rest, watch TV and surf the net. I really have been active in the office so I wind down in front of my PC when I am at home.

Big fat EGG... what else is new. So I just spend my time pouring out my heart in writing. It feels good though, even if it is just in my mind. Sometimes it is fun to escape reality even for a few moments. It keeps me sane. Though I had dreams of watching her being married to someone else. I was forcing myself to wake for the first time (heh heh).

And so my voyage for this week has been written... tomorrow is a new day, and a new voyage...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Ode to a Bronze Goddess

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Flowing dark hair in the pale moonlight
Deep black pools as dark as the night
Intoxicating scent brings me to a trance
Gliding past my way in a graceful dance

Tanned Bronze skin that glistens in the light
I simply couldn't let her out of my sight
Melodic voice like the sirens I hear
Weakens my knees and drives me to tears

Standing from a distance here I stay
Watching my goddess from so far away
Frozen in time as I look into her eyes
Tearing the veil of hidden secrets and lies

Showing to the world how much she is strong
Cold and emotionless, how much they are wrong
Beneath that facade is a delicate flower
A lonely soul trapped in an endless tower

Here is the Goddess I protect and adore
Someone whom I'll give all my heart and more
She is the one who gives me my strength
When my morale is low and my body is spent

To the bronze goddess, I offer thee an ode
Grant that you keep it even at your abode
A poem I make for you, from deep within my heart
So even through my thoughts, we'd never be apart