Monday, April 25, 2005

Moving On...

2004 has been a very good year for me. I had a great job, I recovered from one of the greatest disasters that was my lovelife (Imagine 10 months of pining for someone who not only fooled you, but never loved you at all... boy was I blind). But again, its time to move on. This is my last week at SMITS. And pretty soon I will be moving to another company... I guess the only thing constant in life is change. I dunno what awaits me in the future, but I would face the challenges ahead...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Not Another Poem...

Maybe its because of the low morale I have at work, or that I am about to switch jobs, or maybe its because of a very sad message I got... I was driven to write another one of my literary disasters.. hahahaha. Hope you guys don't mind me being cheezy :)

This Poem is untitled as of this writing... can't think of an appropriate one. How 'bout supplying one ;)


Standing from a corner, I watch her from afar
A graceful princess is she, who dwells among the stars
Giving friendly smiles as she rests upon her seat
As she turns toward me, my heart skips a beat

I gaze upon her face, as if drawn to a trance
To say what's in my heart, if I am given the chance
Yet beneath that smile, I see a sadness within
I see it in her eyes, to whatever lies therein

She utters her thoughts, in a voice so much melodic
Yet bitter are her words, from someone so angelic
"Crushed over and over, I don't seem to have a heart"
Hearing that made me cry, and slowly tear me apart

Her pain seeped to my bones, and gave a cold fright
All I wanted to do, was to take and hold her tight
To ease her mind of fear, and soothe her heart of pain
Even shield as well, from the heavy torrents of rain

Stay with her I will, and dry each falling tear
Company through the storm, until the skies are clear
Giving unbridled joy, even at the expense of mine
To always make her happy, until the end of time

Raise her spirits high, with every laugh and cheer
Keeping her safe all night, I promise to be near
Staying by her side, to watch her fall asleep
To ensure lovely dreams, and happy thoughts to keep

I'll shower her with love, so even through the night
Alone in her thoughts, she'll always be alright
Even when I'm far, there is nothing she would fear
She would only call my name, and I'll come running here

Heal her heart I would, giving all of my love
Comfort her I will, under the heavens above
Giving her the joy, she so rightfully deserves
Here I am a knight, to the princess he serves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'll Never Touch & Go

Ok so what happened today... what happened actually is that due to the transport strike here, I wasn't able to go to work. Which also meant that I just stayed home here and faced this computer for the rest of the day (what a life!)... A few hours of sleep and some delicious mango pie hit the spot and made my day a bit bearable

Also, the person closest to my heart faced some dilemma that was heart shattering from her if she made a decision one way or the other. I tried to give advice but somehow it didn't help much. I only wish she is feeling better right now. *Sigh*, I also hope that installing some stuff into her PDA phone would bring a smile into her face even for a while.

As for the weather here, it soooo hot that I'm gonna die if I don't get a bath twice or more daily. Man, its really hot in here... Whew...

Oh well, its a tuesday... I hope things could get better...

Anyway, here is a song that was played during the 70's. It's called Touch and go by Rupert Holmes. I doubt that you remember or even recognize this song. I'm kinda dedicating this song to my special friend... "I'll Never Touch and Go".

Nobody said that
Life is always fair
Sometimes it clips your wings
While you're in mid-air
But there's a thread
Between your life and mine
And when you're losin' hope
This rope won't unwind

Hold on tight
'Cause life is touch and go
It's sink and swim
But never down
If you're out on a limb
I'll get the call
To break your fall
I'll never leave you
Even when life
Is touch and go
Or hit and run
We'll never break
If we take it as one
I'm here to stay,
I pray you know
I'll never touch
I'll never touch and go

Someday you'll find
There's nothin' in the night
That wasn't there before
You turned out the light
Straight from your mind
The monster 'neath your bed
The voices in the hall
They're all in your head

Hold on tight
'Cause life is touch and go
It's sink or swim
But never down
If you're out on a limb
I'll get the call
To break your fall
I'll never leave you
Even when life
Is touch and go
Or hit and run
We'll never break
If we take it as one
I'm here to stay,
I pray you know
I'll never touch
I'll never touch and go

When you feel lost
You're only spun around
Tumbled and tossed
But never run around
Life is a townful
Of strangers at best
I'll help you home
God help the rest

Hold on tight
'Cause life is touch and go
It's sink or swim
But never down
If you're out on a limb
I'll get the call
To break your fall
I'll never leave you
Even when life
Is touch and go
Or hit and run
We'll never break
If we take it as one
I'm here to stay,
I pray you know
I'll never touch
I'll never touch and go

Life is touch and go
It's sink or swim
But never doubt
If you're out on a limb
I'll get the call...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Aishiteiru, Tomo yo... (I love you, my friend)

I seem to be overflowing with words today... *sigh*

I used to look at life before
An empty shell, a barren core
All had changed when you came my way
Now I thank the fates for every day

A cherished friend I have come to find
I wish our ties would always bind
You were my haven, my sanctuary
When I find myself in such a quarry

You were always there for me
When things got rough and hard to be
You gave a smile, and gave a cheer
You soothed my mind and calmed my fears

But times have changed unlike before
I don't see you as a friend anymore
When you flash that charming smile
My heart stops beating for a while

But what I feel, I could not tell
Fearing it would bring death's knell
Shaking the foundations from up above
By uttering the words of my love

And if you don't feel the same way
It would bring my darkest day
Would rather hide and stay still
Instead of saying what I feel

But I pledge and promise everyday
That forever happy you shall stay
A home you'll have within my arms
I will always keep you safe and warm

If your heart should find someone
And you decide that he's the one
Fear not, I won't leave you away
I promise I will not go astray

If I see you running in tears
I'll be here to calm your fears
Fix and heal your broken heart
Will never leave you and depart

I love you much my cherished friend
Always love you till the very end
I may not say what's in my heart
But promise never to be apart

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Borrowed Heaven (A poem)

A simple glance is all that I need
For this hungry heart of mine to feed
A single thought of you at home
And I'll never really feel alone

A gentle touch onto my arm
Would clear my mind and give me calm
A soft word upon your lips
Will lull me into a blissful sleep

Your presence alone by me side
Soars my heart than the highest tide
To hear your ever-infectious laughter
Would bring me joy ever after

Melodious voice, sets me to a trance
Enticing me to sing and dance
Lithe body moves so gracefully
Makes my heart beat so eratically

I never felt so much joy
Than in a toy store, an excited boy
When I am with you I'm never lonely
I never been so much this happy

A Wonderful dream this must be
For all these things an impossibility
All these things are in my fantasy
But fate it seems, 'tis not my destiny

Yet my heart would sigh and feel so blue
Wishing all of this would come true
This joy of mine when I'm with you
Would Remember it through and through

But just for awhile, even for a time
It was like you were truly mine
For this is never meant for me
Borrowed heaven this must be

The Promise of Loving You... a poem

Just had to repost some of my stuff... sentimental mode again :)

Dare I might hope, that you could love me
Yet doubt settles in, like the earth swallowing me
All I can offer you is my soul and my heart
Excruciating pain I feel, when we are far apart

Unworthy of you, I think myself lowly
Yet wishing to make you happy, swear to all that's holy
Don't know much, only that I know I love you
These words from my lips, from my heart that is true

Promise I cannot make, of the moon and the stars
For all I can give, myself to you at all hours
All I want to bring, a simple smile on your lips
Laughter in your eyes, joyful heart that skips

All your needs and wants, your wishes my command
I would be eternally happy, if I could have your hand
Take you to a happy place, far far away
Here in my heart, where you will always stay

Riches I don't have, nor I have the powers
But certainly you shall have, my devotion for hours
Simple man am I, and I have simple dreams
Only your happiness, matters to me it seems

Yet I cannot ask, what you cannot give
Not having your love, is too painful to live
Yet the sadness and the sorrow, I will never show
The dark void in my soul, you not need to know

Cause what matters most, the sparkle in your eyes
The laughter in your voice, the passionate happy cries
That graceful lively gait, that contented smile
Would ease the pain of sadness, even for a while

This love I give to you, I give thee true and pure
Maybe in your loneliness, I would be your cure
Though the emptiness in my heart, you may chose not to fill
This I promise you, Truly I will love you still...


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Solace (a poem)

Did this when I was tired from everything... you know what, after doing this, I'm not tired anymore :)

A hectic life from day to day
Wishing to rest my head and lay
A lot of thoughts rest upon my mind
I seek my peace, solace I find

Those comely eyes that give me calm
For my wounded soul, a healer's balm
That soothing voice clears my thoughts
And lifts me into heaven's lofts

Whenever I feel so down and blue
Her presence alone gives my life hue
To fight battles of everyday strife
She gives me joy, she gives me life

When I look at her beautiful face
My mind is moved to happy place
And forget the troubles of everyday
Beside her I intend to stay

As the day is done and my body spent
With a patient ear, she hears me vent
The troubles of my weary mind
Truly in her, solace I find

Lucky am I, to have one such as she
By her side, I always want to be
Now and forever I will always be secure
For all the pains I have, she is my cure

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Resignation...

Things aren't always what they seem... Last year I entered into a promising company, a food and beverage company... A corporation... things have been looking good... too good. Oh well, some things have come to an end. I just filed my resignation and I am slated to work here until the 30th of April. But hey, for every ending there is a new beginning. And I am moving again, new job, here in makati, 15 minutes away from home. I just hope things would be better from now on.

Later Peeps... Just wanted to blow off steam I guess :)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Whatta week...

Lately I have been putting poems, pictures and wacky stuff around the net, so I haven't put in much of what happened last week... it has been a rollercoaster ride.

With regards to work, well suddenly we had to review everything from the start, ironed out the designs as well all loose ends that may come later... but you know what, this should have been done a long time ago... we wasted a whole month doing something that has not been finalized nor confirmed, what kind of product would you have... Jeez... What they were trying to do is to create an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), like SAP or Oracle, in a span of less than 3 months, design included... I mean, what kind of development is that, especially if it is from scratch... I already talked to my boss... I kinda got a better offer from another company... so why not go for it... :)

About family, well my sister is due to come home from warrington, england on the 27th of may, in order to celebrate her 40th birthday here in manila with her husband, I think the last time I saw my sister was hmmmm.... Early 2003... I kinda miss her (not to mention her neat-freakish ways... hehehehehe)... but hey I haven't seen her for a long time... I wonder when will they have those little blond-haired, blue-eyed kids... we're waiting.

As for "her", well we had an up-and-down week... well me and my green eyed monster acted up again... well she understood that... but I think she got pissed at me because she was always straightforward and me putting my foot in my mouth.... oh well, at least things got better :)

Kinda stressful week dontcha think... well I hope it would get better soon... the weather here is acting like crazy... scortching hot in the morning... brezzy cold in the evenings... and its summer... Oh well


Abyss... a poem

This is what happened last thursday... when I get too emotional for my own good hahahaha...

I never felt great anguish such as this
I feel like Im falling into an abyss
A searing pain rips through my heart
My very soul being torn apart

Eternal darkness I am kept
Stranded, alone and left
Torrent of tears falls from my eyes
Upon my lips, a heavy sigh

Here I stand upon the rain
Dwelling, Enduring utmost pain
Groping in the dark like a man gone blind
Sadness is all I could find

Im in a deep dark bottomless hole
Struggling for one who can make me whole
Here I stand, all alone
Contemplating my sins I should atone

Here I sit still and lie in wait
Maybe in time and a bit of faith
That I could climb out of this dark abyss
And finally find my one true peace

Boy Band!!!!

Second Shot!!! Why do we even pose like this hahahahahahaha.....

Parokya ni Edgar?

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Done something stupid last night... I assumed. And now I fear that I did something that would change my world... Put foot in mouth, add ketchup while you are doing it. Perfect procedure for disaster. Then follow it up with plenty of foot-in-mouth statements. Great, really great. Now what do I do? I am on her list of least favorite people

Come to think of it, I looked at my horoscope, and it says "bad day today"

Just wanna apologize for being an assuming, stupid lunkhead...

Am really Sorry...

Sunday, April 03, 2005


What can I say... I'm in a sentimental mood today.... here is a poem I just wrote around hmmm... an hour ago I guess :) Enjoy... heh heh

If one wish should given to me
Anything I ask, it should come to be
One thought would come to my mind
Our ties I wish would forever bind

Not all the riches of the world
Or the great powers unfurled
Would make me happy as can be
If you would always be beside me

All the wisdom and strength untold
Behest unto me till I am old
Worthless would be everything
Because without you I am nothing

Power and Dominion over men
Or reach my center, my goals, my zen
What would these things mean to me
If my heart isn't truly with thee

The world within the reach of my hand
Or control of the time's sand
I would decide rather not to gain
If I should feel alone again

My heart is truly on fire
For there is only one thing I desire
I wish with me for you to stay
More than forever and a day

If I was granted one wish
I would rather not choose to be rich
I would rather spend eternity
In the presence of your beauty

But making wishes are for fools
Our minds' imaginary tools
Yet how happy I could be at last
If that one wish would come to pass



Saturday, April 02, 2005

MySpace Users

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My week...

Oh well.. here I go with my stream of conciousness again... type anything that comes into my mind... well it is almost lunchtime but my lunch is still far from done, so I decided to put my thoughts into writing (whatever thoughts that is heh heh). So what should talk about hmmmmm...

Well with the person who occupies a very big chunk of my heart. Things have been good. Well I am happy that I get to spend a lot of time with her, but most of the time we all talk about someone else... I wonder if she thinks of me that much too... wishful thinking on my part, hahahaha. She is somebody special to me and I want to see her always happy. And would do anything to ensure that. Promise made, promise to be kept...

As of work? Work is a killer... I dunno what got into the head of my hare-brained boss to make us develop a very extensive and large application in a span of less than 3 months (design included). I mean.... WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING!?!? Oh well... sometimes I am tempted to look for work elsewhere, where I can be rewarded with the extra effort I do.... OTy can sometimes dampen your morale and the motivation to work. Might really look for the greener grass :)

I also have been thinking if the Teri Shiavo case... maybe it is time to draw my own will and testament, that if something happens to me, that there would be a list to do when I am incapacitated. Frankly, when I get into a long coma, I want the plug to be pulled. And I wan't to be created... Come to think of it, this post is already a document of what to do just in case anything happens :)

Time for lunch now... Till then...